Business Creation



Provision of reference legislation, legal and fiscal
Drafting of business plans
Preparation of the company start up
Analysis of Loans and Incentives
Legal assistance and logistics
In the business world, in an increasingly complex and evolving system / market, mere improvisation, despite all good intentions, almost systematically leads to failure. Furthermore, the more ambitious the objectives are, the greater the time it takes to plan and control the related operations.

The company that also faces the Albanian market therefore needs consolidated skills to create the conditions for its competitiveness growth; it needs financial, legal, tax and corporate consultancy, support services and logistic assistance for the development of the business plan, marketing and the various commercial channels.

Caesar’s Group has a team of professionals with the ability to identify opportunities for developing business ideas and projects.
The Business Creation area aims to encourage the creation, development of new businesses and the opening of branches or branches in Albania.

The company guarantees real personalized assistance services oriented to the analysis and practical solution of the problems that those who are about to start a business have in translating a business idea into a specific entrepreneurial project.

The main objective is to transfer methods and operational tools that allow the entrepreneurs to evaluate the feasibility of their business and the entrepreneurial risk in Albania.

In particular, through continuous contact with customers, Caesar’s Group assists the client-company in order to:

open a credit line and / or loans to the affiliated banks
identify and understand their market
evaluate the economic and financial convenience of business choices
choose the most appropriate legal form, identify the necessary financial resources
know how to fulfill all the bureaucratic constraints and how to organize your business