In the world of finance you are asked many difficult questions. But there is one that I find easy to answer.

When I hear “What makes the Cæsar’s Group unique and original”, my answer is simple: I AM PEOPLE

Cesare Dott. Labianca

Chief Executive Officer, CEO


The Caesar’s Group was established in 2016 as an ideal professional continuation of its founders, but the presence in Albania of the founding partner Cesare Dott. Labianca dates back to 2013. The Caesar’s Group offers a high quality professional service maintaining a strict standard of professional ethics , which places the success of the customer as a fundamental objective to build a relationship based on esteem, trust, transparency at the highest levels of excellence, professional development and creativity.

The Caesar’s Group boasts as its clients a series of Italian and Albanian entrepreneurs, but also from other nations. Thanks to a vast and deferred group of customers, the Caesar’s Group has managed to gain experience in various sectors.

The Cæsar’s Group is a company that deals with independent financial consultancy “FEE ONLY”, composed of professionals with twenty years of financial, banking and insurance experience.

The Cæsar’s Group is born from the desire of a team of all-Italian professionals to embark on a completely new path after years of diversified experience in the financial-banking sector and in investment consulting.

Why is it necessary to rely on a consulting company to operate in Albania?

Entrepreneurs and investors, not just Italians, are deceived by the relative simplicity and convenience of the formalities necessary for the opening of a company in Albania and accounting management, renouncing the use of the advice of a professional.

Then, in a short time, the typical problems begin: linguistic misunderstandings, unregistered documents, problems with the Albanian tax authorities, staff difficult to find, contracts that are not good, constitutive acts to be redone, social objects to be introduced are just some of the requests for more frequent advice that we see ourselves subjecting daily.

Needless to say, at least when it can be remedied, the solution is always quite expensive, so the customer regrets not having availed himself of the advice of a business expert in Albania.


The MISSION of the Caesar’s Group is to offer consulting services and assistance of high quality standards, a level that is only achieved with a strict and rigorous approach, to know how to translate the needs and expectations of an investor into solutions that are truly operative in Albania.

This is achieved only by taking him by the hand accompanying him in all phases of the work: from the start up of a business, business or business, guiding him in decision-making processes, in accounting management, performing the procedures necessary for access to bank financing programs and Europeans, up to the consolidation of the company in the Albanian territory.

What we offer to our customers?

We support entrepreneurs in the knowledge of the advantages and opportunities of growth and business that the market can offer them, becoming the reference point for companies that want to take the path of internationalization and delocalization. We live the relationship between customers and service providers as a constant work in progress, a continuous mutual selection because, in the end, we always come back to work with those who are more in tune with us.

The passion for work seen as a moment of growth, but also of personal satisfaction;
A continuous comparison to discover new opportunities together;
Research, as the most direct means of knowing the past, understanding the present, delineating the future;
The ability and desire to innovate, to take new paths, without ever taking anything for granted;
Offer professional services tailored to the individual needs of the customer;
Guarantee quality of interventions and concreteness of results.

Partners and Headquarters in Albania